Driving around the world

When it comes to driving, no two countries are alike in their rules and regulations no matter how close they may be geographically.

From driving on the left or right, to making way for donkeys, there are some rules which are easy to get your head around and others which may leave you scratching it.

To help you get to grips with global road rules, we've compiled some of the most interesting facts about driving around the world. Let us know of anymore by posting to our Facebook page or tweeting @AdmiralUK.

ST0494-driving-around-the-world-infographic (amended) 0518 Created with Sketch. Handy undies Handy undies In California it is illegal to dry your car with used underwear Where’s Hamlet? Where’s Hamlet? In Denmark you are required to check under your car before setting off in case anyone is hiding under there In Greece donkeys have right of way Donkeys crossing Donkeys crossing Fresh air In Alaska it is illegal to tie a dog to the roof of your car OAP drivers OAP drivers Gibraltar has the highest minimum driving age at 19 YOU CAN GET A LEARNER’S PERMIT WHEN YOU TURN IN 8 US STATES: ALASKA ARKANSAS WISCONSIN WYOMING IOWA KANSAS NORTH DAKOTA SOUTH DAKOTA 14 Keen teens Keen teens Krazy Kiwis Krazy Kiwis Third party Car Insurance is not compulsory in New Zealand (but it’s a good idea!) Fuelconomy Fuelconomy KUWAIT 0.23 RUSSIA 0.66 INDIA 1.04 FIJI 1.13 ARGENTINA 1.40 UK 1.69 NORWAY 1.92 AVERAGE COST OF FUEL PRICE FOR SELECTED COUNTRIES PER LITRE IN $US (globalpetrolprices.com, prices correct at 6th April 2015) Speedsters Speedsters PLACES WITH SPEED LIMITS UP TO 140 KMH ON SOME ROADS POLAND BULGARIA UNITED ARAB EMIRATES ONE ROAD IN TEXAS THE GERMAN AUTOBAHN HAS A RECOMMENDED SPEED LIMIT OF 130 KMH IN PLACES Safest roads Safest roads Lowest traffic-related death rates in the world per 100,000 inhabitants per year San Marino Micronesia Maldives Norway Denmark Sweden Palestinian Territories Israel Ireland United Kingdom Switzerland 0 5 (Based on road fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants, WHO report 2013) Deadliest drives Deadliest drives Highest traffic-related death rates per 100,000 inhabitants per year Eritrea Dominican Republic Libya Thailand Venezuela Nigeria South Africa Iraq Guinea-Bissau Oman 50 0 The number of countries, territories and dependencies around the world that drive on the left or right. Left or right? Left or right? 165 drive on right 75 drive on left Type somethi ng Switched from left to right Portugal Argentina China Sweden Iceland 1928 1945 1946 1967 1968 Several countries changed from driving on the left to driving on the right, including: