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Motoring & Home News

Rare Ford Capri returned to its owner


Social media was at its best this week after hundreds of shares and conversation helped an elderly car lover get his... More

Beloved Ford Capri stolen from owner's home


A rare Ford... More

Crash for cash fraudsters caught out


New figures reveal so called ‘crash for cash’ scams are on the decline with the overall cost of such fraud dropping... More

Sharm el-Sheikh update: Flights back to the UK


UK holidaymakers waiting to fly back home should be back in the UK by the end of the weekend, a government... More

Man banned from every petrol station in England and Wales


A fuel thief who doesn't even own his own car has been banned from every petrol station in England and... More

Thousands of Zafiras recalled for testing


Thousands of Vauxhall Zafira B drivers are being asked to visit their local dealers for inspection following news of... More

Scrapping unnecessary checks will save honest motorists around £10 million a year


Drivers returning a written-off car to the road will no longer need to apply for a Vehicle Identity Check (VIC) to... More

Car free days for Cardiff


Cardiff is a great city but it isn't often likened to Paris, until now that is. Last night a motion for the... More

Car cloning on the rise


Criminals are now cloning cars to avoid parking fines and speeding tickets while organised gangs are using cloned... More

Speeding is still the biggest road offence


Figures have revealed over the last decade, speeding remains the biggest motoring-related offence where the... More

Long car journeys are key to happy relationships


Road trips are often thought to be the source of friction in relationships, not so according to a recent survey... More

Public want disabled bay abusers ‘outed’


The majority of drivers want to see people who misuse disabled and family parking bays to be publically named and... More

Pushy salespeople drive car buyers away


Women are more likely to be put off buying a car from an assertive salesperson than men, according to a new... More

Anxious new drivers most fear the weather, the dark and driving alone


Difficult weather conditions, driving in the dark and driving alone top the list of the main anxieties for new... More

Parents’ in-car habits drive children potty


Nose-picking and dodgy singing top the list for UK parents’ worst habits while driving their little ones... More

Motorists warned to turn off mobiles for bank holiday drives


Drivers are being urged to switch their phones off before heading onto the roads this Bank Holiday... More

Autumn sees home burglary claims soar


As the evenings get darker, home insurance claims for burglaries reach their highest level between September and... More

Criminal gangs target car buyers


Car sellers and buyers are being warned not to fall victim to scams run by criminal gangs which could leave them out... More

Judgemental motorists' driving affected by prejudices


Millions of drivers let their opinions on other drivers' car colour, type, and cleanliness affect how they... More

Westminster City Council owed £1million by foreign drivers


Figures reveal Westminster City Council is owed £1million in parking fines from foreign drivers, with French drivers... More

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