Driving in Europe: important details in the event of a claim


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If you're unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident abroad it is important to take as many details as possible

Read our list below to get an idea of what we need to know about the other vehicle:

  • If your crash involves a lorry then make sure you take the registration of the cab and the trailer. The cab and trailer parts of the lorry have different vehicle registrations. It's http://www.admiral.com/magazine/guides/motor/do-i-need-a-green-card-to-drive-in-europeessential you note the registration details of the cab so we can trace the lorry's insurer but it's always better to get both
  • This applies to anything being towed like caravans and trailer tents
  • Always get the registration of the vehicle so we can trace their insurer
  • Likewise, if you have an accident in the UK with a foreign national please try to take a photo of their green card. A lorry driver would have one green card for his cab and a different one for his trailer. Similarly someone towing a caravan, trailer tent or similar would also have two green cards
  • It is also important to take details about the driver involved too, although a lot of it is covered by the Agreed Statement of Facts on Motor Vehicle Accident, some of the following won't be, so do double check before leaving the scene:
  • Title: Mr/Mrs/Dr/Other
  • Full name
  • Nationality, this is not on the accident form and is very important to know
  • Insurance details including name of company and policy number
  • Carbon copy of the Agreed Statement of Facts on Motor Vehicle Accident

As we said earlier it is best take as much information as possible, including:

  • Photos - Most of us have a phone with a camera fitted, make use of it and try to get pictures of both vehicles, registration of the third party's vehicle, damage to the vehicles
  • If the police or emergency services attend the scene make sure you get their contact details
  • Be aware in some countries you will be required to pay for attendance by emergency services up front
  • You will need to submit your travel documents to us if you need to make a claim, this will include tickets and any proof of travel you have

You'll have the same level of cover while travelling in Europe as you do in the UK, so whether you have comprehensive or third, party fire and theft cover at home, you'll have the same in Europe.

As would be the case in the UK, if you are involved in an accident in Europe you won't be covered by us for hotel costs, taxis or additional travel costs to continue on to your destination.

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