Car Insurance Groups Explained


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Every car in the UK is placed in an insurance group - set by Thatchams Research - ranging from group 1 for the cheapest cars to insure all the way up to group 50 for the more expensive, performance cars.

What are car insurance groups based on?

Surprisingly, it's not all about value when it comes to the car insurance groups list. A sports car worth £30,000 is likely to be a higher risk than an estate car of the same value due to the fact the estate car is likely to be driven slightly differently

The fact the estate car is likely to be driven in a certain way means it may go into a lower group.

There are thousands of different makes and models of car on the road in the UK, which makes working out what they should cost to insure a highly complex business. To make things easier and fairer the insurance industry uses insurance groups for cars.

Types of car

Even cars of the same type, such as family hatch-backs with similar values, can end up in different groups.

Often one is in a higher group because it may be more costly to repair due to a more complex structure or more expensive parts, or because it has fewer security features.

Choosing a low insurance group car

Unfortunately, there's no one size fits all car which would give you a guaranteed great price as there are so many factors to consider when creating an insurance quote. And when it comes to insurance groups, it's not even as simple as choosing smaller car to guarantee a lower group.

Although cars like Citroen C1s are generally grouped quite low and Ferraris are generally grouped very highly, you may find that a particular variation of a model might be in a completely different group due it's specifications.

How many insurance groups are there?

Currently vehicle groupings are on a 1 to 50 scale, where 1 is low risk and 50 is high risk. The scales have changed over time, they were originally 1 to 20, changing to 1 to 35. Admiral started using the 1 to 50 in August 2011.

What do insurers take into consideration when they look at my vehicle?

A member of our pricing team at Admiral said: "It's worth bearing in mind that the insurance grouping might not be the only factor used when insurers consider your vehicle, for instance the vehicle value and age of the vehicle may also have an impact".

You can see how the car insurance group rating system works and search for your car in the groups here.

Please be aware that these groupings are only a guide provided by the Association of British Insurers, and they may be different to the groupings used by Admiral when calculating your premium.

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